William (Bill) Peebles

William Peebles
I'm a research scientist at OpenAI where I co-lead Sora, our video generation and world simulation effort.

Previously, I completed my PhD at Berkeley AI Research advised by Alyosha Efros. Before that, I did my undergrad at MIT where I was advised by Antonio Torralba. I've interned at FAIR, Adobe Research and NVIDIA. During my PhD, I was supported by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

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Video Generation Models as World Simulators
Sora Team, OpenAI
sora overview · tech report

Scalable Diffusion Models with Transformers
William Peebles, Saining Xie
ICCV 2023 (Oral)
project page · hugging face space · colab · paper · github

Learning to Learn with Generative Models of Neural Network Checkpoints
William Peebles*, Ilija Radosavovic*, Tim Brooks, Alexei Efros, Jitendra Malik
project page · paper · github

GAN-Supervised Dense Visual Alignment
William Peebles, Jun-Yan Zhu, Richard Zhang, Antonio Torralba, Alexei Efros, Eli Shechtman
CVPR 2022 (Oral) · Best Paper Finalist
two minute papers · mixed reality demo · video · project page · paper · github

The Hessian Penalty: A Weak Prior for Unsupervised Disentanglement
William Peebles, John Peebles, Jun-Yan Zhu, Alexei Efros, Antonio Torralba
ECCV 2020 (Spotlight)
video · overview in 90 seconds · project page · paper · github

GAN reconstructions of images versus the original images. Seeing What a GAN Cannot Generate
David Bau, Jun-Yan Zhu, Jonas Wulff, William Peebles, Hendrik Strobelt, Bolei Zhou, Antonio Torralba
ICCV 2019 (Oral)
demo · project page · paper · github

A natural image of a building is modified by adding trees and domes. Semantic Photo Manipulation with a Generative Image Prior
David Bau, Hendrik Strobelt, William Peebles, Jonas Wulff, Bolei Zhou, Jun-Yan Zhu, Antonio Torralba
demo · project page · paper